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We have represented companies and authors covering a wide range of industries and sectors allowing us to promote our clients in growth areas they would have missed without us. Customized media campaigns have been instrumental in launching start-ups, securing publishing contracts and promoting books around the world, catapulting small enterprises to the next level, and boosting growth for multi-million dollar firms. Here is a representative sample of our clients past and current. To learn more about our campaigns and results, please contact us.



A global innovation and brand consultancy, Rivia helps harness the power of an unending flow of opportunities and ideas with insights and solutions proven to drive business success. Rivia’s unique approach to innovation and brand starts with an experienced and distinctive team of global professionals—business, brand and marketing strategists, designers, researchers, and leadership and organizational consultants—who have previously worked with the world’s leading companies across virtually every industry.

Broderick & Company

PROJECT: Broderick & Company

Broderick & Company develops market strategies that focus and prioritize service offerings through an integration of market research, marketing, and business development that builds brand awareness, generates leads, creates a sales pipeline, and closes business.



power-pranaPROJECT: The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health and Vitality by Master Stephen Co, Eric B. Robins, MD with John Merryman

What if a set of quick breathing exercises could provide staggering amounts of stamina and improved health while making you feel and look younger—all without a considerable time commitment or any particular flexibility or athleticism on your part? That, in a nutshell, sums up The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health and Vitality  by  Los Angeles-based Stephen Co (one of only two Certified Master Pranic Energy Healers in the world); board-certified urologist and surgeon Eric B. Robins, MD (who integrates pranic techniques into his traditional practice); and writer John Merryman.

self-compassion-dietPROJECT: The Self Compassion Diet: A Step-by-Step Program to Lose Weight with Loving-Kindness by Jean Fain

Jean Fain, LICSW, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and a teaching associate in psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In Fain’s latest book, The Self-Compassion Diet, she describes a revolutionary new model for lasting weight loss without dieting.

meditation-lovePROJECT: Meditations for the Love of It by Sally Kempton

In Meditations for the Love of It, meditation master Sally Kempton provides tips for moving through and beyond emotions to make meditation and its proven health benefits accessible to anyone. Kempton is an acknowledged master teacher of meditation, subtle energy, and Tantric wisdom who has been practicing and teaching since the early 1970s.

language-emotionsPROJECT: The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying To Tell You, by Karla McLaren

Karla McLaren is an empathic counselor, researcher, and award-winning author whose groundbreaking work with emotions grew from an early childhood trauma into a practical healing modality. In The Language of Emotions, McLaren suggests a radical new perspective: that all of our emotions (even those labeled bad) are equally important messengers, ready to assist us in acting with full awareness and integrity. By honoring our emotions—instead of overreacting to or repressing them—each one becomes a powerhouse of energy, information, and often healing.

Thing To Thing To Thing—From Crazy To Sane With Biofeedback, Autism And The BrainPROJECT: Thing To Thing To Thing: From Crazy To Sane With Biofeedback, Autism And The Brain by Lynette Louise

Autism and comedy are unlikely bedfellows. But for Lynette Louise, creating and performing Thing To Thing To Thing, a one-woman play about raising eight children—four of whom were diagnosed on the autism spectrum—was the next logical step in an unconventional and courageous life. Through a composite of monologues, brain science, and music Louise portrays the journey from fiercely determined mom to international autism expert while helping her special needs children develop into independent adults.

PROJECT: Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic, A Medical Controversy by David Kirby

Author David Kirby has been a professional journalist for more than 15 years, including writing for The New York Times. In Evidence of Harm, a New York Times bestseller, Kirby provides a serious, journalistic investigation of a controversial topic: the link between the mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal and the epidemic of juvenile autism.

The National Autism Association

PROJECT: The National Autism Association

Co-founded by Laura Bono, the mission of the National Autism Association is to educate and empower families affected by autism and other neurological disorders, educate the society about autism and its causes, and provide advocacy on behalf of those who cannot fight for their own rights.



PROJECT: Peggy Klaus—Advisor, Author, Leadership and Communication Expert

You may have seen Peggy Klaus on Nightline, the Today Show, and 20/20 or read her advice in The Wall Street Journal, FortuneNewsweekThe New York TimesBusinessWeek, and O magazine. For more than a decade Klaus has helped thousands of professionals succeed in the workplace by teaching the skills essential for great leadership.

brag-softPROJECT: BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It by Peggy Klaus

PROJECT: Hard Truth About Soft Skills: Workplace Lessons Smart People Wish They’d Learned Sooner by Peggy Klaus

Peggy Klaus has spent more than a decade advising some of America’s top Fortune 500 executives, delivering programs on everything from management to mentoring and from women’s leadership to networking. Klaus is based in Berkeley, California.



XBInsight (until recently called XB Consulting), is an advanced talent assessment company that gives executives the actionable information they need to make smart people-decisions. The company’s proprietary assessment tool—developed in collaboration with scientists and psychologists—measures behavior, critical thinking, competencies, and values and shows each person’s potential, risk, and industry benchmarks.

Growing Great EmployeesPROJECT: Growing Great Employees—Turning Ordinary People into Extraordinary Performers by Erika Andersen

Growing Great Employees covers the entire cycle of employment from recruiting and hiring through career transitions. She has served as consultant and advisor to CEOs and top executives of a number of corporations, including MTV Networks.

PROJECT: The Confidence Myth: Why Women Undervalue Their Skills, and How to Get Over It by Helene Lerner

forwebsiteHelene Lerner is the CEO of Creative Expansions Inc. and founder of WomenWorking.com where millions of women turn daily for inspiration and advice. She is also an Emmy-winning executive producer, an independent public television host, a Fortune 500 workplace consultant and the author of twelve books. The Confidence Myth draws on her own experience along with that of other female leaders and on a survey she conducted of more than 500 working women. The research goal was to help women benefit from the wisdom, experience, and lessons learned of a mostly confident group of professional women.

PROJECT: Smart Women Take Risks—Six Steps for Conquering Your Fears and Making the Leap to Success by Helene Lerner

Smart Women Take Risks, changes your perception about risk-taking. Her six-step process shows women how to determine whether a risk is a Best Bet, a Not Now, or a No Go.

PROJECT: Breaking The Bamboo Ceiling—Career Strategies for Asians   by Jane Hyun

Author Jane Hyun is an executive coach and diversity strategist to Fortune 500 companies, universities, and non-profit organizations. Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling shatters myths and misconceptions about Asian Americans in the workplace.

QBQPROJECT: QBQ The Question Behind the Question— Practicing Personal Accountability in Work and in Life by John G. Miller

PROJECT: Flipping the Switch—Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ! by John G. Miller

With well over half a million of his books in print, author John G. Miller helps organizations and companies make personal accountability a core value.


One of the nation’s first and most respected diversity training and consulting firms, Minneapolis-based ProGroup was founded in 1986 by diversity pioneers Karen Stinson and Myrna Marofsky.



ponziPROJECT: Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists are Ripping off America by Bart Chilton

Scam artists are ripping off Americans more than ever before according to new government figures released in November, 2011. “We thought all the frauds and Ponzi scams were horrific in the wake of the Madoff scandal, but it is even worse now,” says Commissioner Bart Chilton of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  In the new book Ponzimonium, Chilton highlights schemes and tips to spot con artists so the general public can protect themselves against fraudsters.

 Business Risk Partners

PROJECT: Business Risk Partners

Founded in 2000, BRP is a managing general underwriter in specialty insurance. Partnering with top global carriers and using proprietary technology, BRP efficiently brings complex professional and management liability solutions to agents and brokers serving middle market customers nationwide. The company is privately held and based in Windsor, CT.

Creating the Good Will —The Most Comprehensive Guide to Both the Financial and Emotional Sides of Passing on Your Legacy PROJECT: Living Rich For Less—Create the Lifestyle You Want by Giving, Saving, and Spending Smart by Ellie Kay

Popular speaker, author of a dozen books, brand spokesperson, and mother of seven, Ellie Kay’s message is geared to the 85 percent of Americans who earn between $40,000 and $100,000. In her newest book, Living Rich for Less, she sets forth her 10/10/80™ financial approach—give away 10 percent of your income, save 10 percent, and spend the last 80 percent wisely.

Sowing Seeds

PROJECT: Sowing Seeds  

PROJECT: Creating the Good Will —The Most Comprehensive Guide to Both the Financial and Emotional Sides of Passing on Your Legacy by Elizabeth Arnold

Creating the Good Will —The Most Comprehensive Guide to Both the Financial and Emotional Sides of Passing on Your Legacy

Harvard Law-educated Elizabeth Arnold, founder of Sowing Seeds, has spent more than a decade coaching clients to consider the impact of their will decisions—both financial and emotional—on loved ones. She is the author of Creating the Good Will: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Both the Financial and Emotional Sides of Passing on Your Legacy.

Carolyn CastleberryPROJECT: Women, Take Charge of Your Money—A Biblical Path to Financial Security by Carolyn Castleberry

PROJECT: Women, Get Answers about Your Money—Because There Are No Dumb Questions about Personal Finance by Carolyn Castleberry

Co-host of the popular daytime show Living The Life, produced by Christian Broadcasting Network and aired on the ABC Family Channel, Virginia-based Carolyn Castleberry is the author of biblically-based financial empowerment books for women.




PROJECT: Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia by David L. Cook

PROJECT: Johnny’s U.S. Open: Golf’s Sacred Journey 2 by David L. Cook

Author Dr. David Cook is one of the country’s top sport and performance psychology consultants having served as mental coach for over 100 PGA Tour players, NBA World Champion San Antonio Spurs (two MVPs David Robinson and Tim Duncan), NFL, MLB, Olympics, and collegiate national championship ranks as well as for Fortune 100 business leaders.

Strelmark, LLC Business OffStrelmark, LLC

PROJECT: Strelmark, LLC

Strelmark assists professional service firms in all aspects of business development—from strategic planning to lead generation, oral presentation coaching to seminars on using golf as a business development tool. Based in Washington, DC, founder Hilary Bruggen Fordwich appears regularly on NewChannel8’s Capital Golf Weekly and Washington Post Radio, and is a columnist for Washington SmartCEO magazine.



PROJECT: The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths About Marriage and Divorce by Shaunti FeldhahnGoodNewsAboutMarriageforJRAwebsite

In 2006, Feldhahn, a Harvard-trained social researcher and best-selling author of For Women Only, and The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages wanted to correctly cite the divorce rate for her then syndicated newspaper column but was confused by conflicting sources and references.  An answer that she thought would take two minutes to confirm took eight years to unravel. The shocking results can be found in her latest book.

PROJECT: The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: The Little Things That Make a Big Difference by Shaunti Feldhahnbook cover for JRA website

Feldhahn uncovers the habits that most highly happy couples share—regardless of age or racial background or any other factors, little things they are doing that other couples (even those in pretty good marriages) often aren’t doing. “The key is that no matter what the state of your marriage, small changes in awareness and action truly can change everything,” writes Feldhahn. “These habits can yield gold for those who apply them.”


firsthandPROJECT: Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own by Josh and Ryan Shook

After years of going to church, following the rules and trying to replicate the faith of their church-planting parents —New York Times best-selling authors Kerry and Chris Shook— Josh and Ryan Shook felt like the religion of their upbringing no longer made sense. Everything they had been taught began to feel flimsy and fake, leading to a personal crisis of faith that turned them away from God to partying, endless video-game playing, and an addiction to pornography. On the brink of spiritual death is how the Shook brothers—now in their early twenties—describe that time in their lives in this new book.

shookPROJECT: One Month To Love: 30 Days to Grow and Deepen Your Closest Relationships by Kerry and Chris Shook

PROJECT: Love At Last Sight: 30 Days to Grow and Deepen Your Closest Relationships by Kerry and Chris Shook 

PROJECT: One Month To Live: Thirty Days To A No-Regrets Life by Kerry and Chris Shook 

Kerry and Chris Shook are the authors of two bestselling books, One Month to Live and Love at Last Sight. One Month To Live challenged people to start living their lives as if they only had 30 days left on earth. The concept has proved so successful it spawned a church movement. Over 4,000 churches across the country have taken or signed up to take the challenge since the program’s inception in the summer of 2008.

regret-free-livingPROJECT: Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You’re Doing It Right by Catherine Hickem

If you thought your mothering days were numbered, think again. “You’re a mother from that first cry right to the end. Children grow up; the relationship changes, but you’re always a mother,” says psychotherapist and parenting expert, Catherine Hickem. In her book, Regret Free Parenting, Hickem provides a unique and comprehensive guide to successful, regret free parenting based on seven fundamental principles applicable to offspring of any age.

Do Hard Things--A Teenage Rebellion Against Low ExpectationsPROJECT: Do Hard Things—A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations by Alex and Brett Harris

Alex and Brett Harris are leading the charge in a growing movement of young people rebelling against the low expectations of their culture by choosing to “do hard things” and lay claim to a brighter future while they are still in their teens. Authors of the best-selling Do Hard Things, the Harris twins wrote their book when they were eighteen.

BRAG! Connections Corporate OutreachPROJECT: BRAG! Connections Corporate Outreach

Fortune 500 workplace communication and leadership expert Peggy Klaus created BRAG! Connections as a corporate outreach program designed to educate the employees and consumers of the future. Based on her book, BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn, the workshop pairs professionals from individual companies with disadvantaged teens to teach networking and self-promotion skills.



Through a Dog's Ear Book & Music CD PROJECT: Through a Dog’s Ear Book & Music CD Series PROJECT: Through a Dog’s Ear Driving Edition—Music to Calm Your Dog in the Car by Joshua Leeds, Susan Wagner and Lisa Spector

Psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner—in collaboration with Julliard graduate and worldwide concert pianist Lisa Spector—provide an indispensable source of cutting-edge research, heartwarming stories, and practical sound-based solutions to help dogs live happier, healthier lives. Their groundbreaking book, Through a Dog's Ear Driving Edition—Music to Calm Your Dog in the CarThrough a Dog’s Ear (which includes a 45-minute starter CD), and Driving Edition CD help to create an environment of sound that improves the well being of our canine companions.

The Dog's Guide to New York CityPROJECT: The Dogs’ Guide to New York City With Jack the City Dog by Jane Rohman

This is where it all began! In 1994—after a decade of managing accounts for advertising heavyweights J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi—Jane Rohman left the corporate world to write and self-publish The Dogs’ Guide To New York City With Jack The City Dog, the first canine guidebook of its kind. Serving as her own publicist, the book garnered remarkable national coverage in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Good Housekeeping, and on NBC’s Today Show. Impressed with these results, others started calling her and asking for the name of her publicist. Upon learning Jane was “the publicist,” they hired her and the rest is history.



egoPROJECT: Ego: The Fall of the Twin Towers and the Rise of an Enlightened Humanity by Peter Baumann and Michael W. Taft

Co-author Peter Baumann began his career as a member of the massively successful 1970s band Tangerine Dream. Instead of being derailed by early fame and fortune, he asked himself this question in his late forties: “If I have only 10,000 days left on the planet, what will I do with that time?” Baumann put his resources to work exploring the source of human conflict and suffering with some of the greatest living scientists and students of consciousness, assembling a top-notch interdisciplinary think tank in the process. Michael W. Taft, a long-term student of meditation, psychology, and the history of evolution, brings rigorous research to the subject of human experience.

Frances Moore LappéPROJECT: Hope’s Edge by Frances Moore Lappé

PROJECT: Democracy’s Edge by Frances Moore Lappé

Frances Moore Lappé is the author or co-author of fifteen books, including the 1971 three-million-copy bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet. Lappé co-leads the Small Planet Institute based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



youversionPROJECT: YouVersion Bible App

YouVersion is a wildly popular free Bible app (over 100 million downloads) that has put the Bible in the hands of anyone who has a smartphone or tablet. The App offers over 740 versions of the Bible in more than 470 languages. Available on nearly every mobile device, the Bible App is ranked #3 and #9 Best App of All Time for iPad and iPhone respectively and was recently chosen by super-producer Mark Burnett as the official companion app to his record-breaking History Channel series, The Bible.

uncommon-journeyPROJECT: An Uncommon Journey: From Vienna to Shanghai to America A Brother and Sister Escape to Freedom During World War II by Deborah Strobin and Ilie Wacs

Written by siblings San Francisco philanthropist/civic leader Deborah Strobin and her brother, the Manhattan-based, celebrated fashion coat/suit designer and artist Ilie Wacs. The memoir is based on their family’s flight from Nazi Austria to the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto and puts the spotlight on a piece of Holocaust history that’s not widely known. A story of escape and survival as seen through the eyes of two children with different memories of the period that shaped their lives. The journey doesn’t come full circle until Strobin and Wacs discovered at the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum that they had indeed become part of history.

sticky-faithPROJECT: Sticky Faith by Dr. Kara Powell & Dr. Chap Clark

Fuller Youth Institute Executive Director Dr. Kara Powell and youth expert Dr. Chap Clark use research from the Fuller Youth Institute’s College Transition Project to empower parents with the positive and practical ideas needed to nurture within their kids a living, loving faith that lasts a lifetime.

next-christiansPROJECT: The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America by Gabe Lyons

Gabe Lyons is co-author of the 2007 landmark book unChristian, which revealed the younger generation’s negative perception about Christianity based on commissioned research. Lyons’ book The Next Christians  details how younger generations of Christians are radically engaging American culture differently than their predecessors and, thankfully, changing the face of the church for better. He is the founder of Q, a learning community that mobilizes young Christian leaders to advance the common good.

schelPROJECT: Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World by Craig Groeshel 

PROJECT: Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working  by Craig Groeschel 

Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv—a pace-setting, multi-campus church—and creator of the popular and free YouVersion Bible App. Groeschel and his wife, Amy live in Edmond, Oklahoma with their six children.

truth-life-audioPROJECT: Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible New Testament  co-produced by Raymond Arroyo & Carl Amari

This 18-CD, 22-hour series boasts a huge talent of over 70 world-renowned actors such as Blair Underwood, Michael York, Stacy Keach, Malcolm McDowell, Kristen Bell, John Rhys-Davies, Sean Astin, and Brian Cox. The series was produced by New York Times bestselling author, broadcast journalist, and producer Raymond Arroyo and legendary award-winning radio show producer Carl Amari, who is also president and CEO of Falcon Picture Group. Brenda Noel directed.

mother-angelicaPROJECT: The Prayers and Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica by Raymond Arroyo

Raymond Arroyo, a New York Times bestselling author, is the news director and lead anchor of EWTN News. As creator and host of the newsmagazine The World Over Live, he is seen in nearly 150 million households each week. A longtime friend of Mother Angelica, he collaborated with her on the book The Prayers and Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica, in which Mother Angelica allows everyone to “listen in” on her private and very human conversations with God.

psalmsPROJECT: Psalms in Ordinary Voices: A Reinterpretation of the 150 Psalms by Men, Women and Children edited by Andrea Ayvazian, Photographs by Ellen Augarten

A decade in the making, this book was conceived and edited by the Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian, with portraits by photographer Ellen Augarten. Each Psalm is accompanied by an image of the Psalm writer in their own, everyday environment—revealing the authors in their homes, workplaces, gardens.

mark-hitchcockPROJECT: 2012, The Bible, and The End of the World by Mark Hitchcock

PROJECT: The Amazing Claims of Bible Prophecy: What You Need to Know in These Uncertain Times by Mark Hitchcock

PROJECT: Iran—The Coming Crisis: Radical Islam, Oil, and the Nuclear Threat by Mark Hitchcock

PROJECT: The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad—The Revelation of Iran’s Nuclear Prophet by Mark Hitchcock

PROJECT: The Late Great United States—What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America’s Last Days by Mark Hitchcock

Former attorney and prolific author Mark Hitchcock, Ph.D., is an authority on the subject of bible prophecy. He has appeared on two History Channel programs and his eighteen books include Iran—The Coming Crisis, The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad, and The Late Great United States.

down-stripedPROJECT: Throw It Down by Jud Wilhite

PROJECT: Stripped—Uncensored Grace on the Streets of Vegas by Jud Wilhite

Jud Wilhite serves as senior pastor of Central Christian Church—the largest church in Las Vegas—which attracts over 12,000 people to its campuses each weekend and is one of the 50 fastest-growing churches in the nation. Wilhite is the author of several books, including Eyes Wide Open: See and Live the Real You, Throw It Down, and Stripped. Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world, ironically second only to Mecca. But according to him, Sin City (as Las Vegas is often called)—synonymous with anything-goes-behavior—is emerging as a place of spiritual renewal. Wilhite and his wife Lori reside in the Las Vegas area with their two children and a slobbery bulldog named Roxy.

PROJECT: Do I Know God? Finding Certainty in Life’s Most Important Relationship by Tullian Tchividjian

PROJECT: Unfashionable—Making a Difference in the World by Being Different by Tullian Tchividjian

A grandson of Billy Graham, Tullian Tchividjian is the founding pastor of New City Church in Florida and a visiting professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. He is the author of Do I Know God? and Unfashionable (April 2009).

PROJECT: Invitation—Billy Graham and the Lives God Touched by Basyle and Aram Tchividjian

Two of Billy Graham’s grandsons, Basyle and Aram Tchividjian, compiled Invitation, a coffee-table book of stories, pictures, and testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed by Graham’s ministry during the last half century.



Primitive LogicPROJECT: Primitive Logic

A boutique IT consultancy with big name clients, Primitive Logic specializes in network architecture, applications design and integration, web services, and security.

eZmeeting PROJECT: Sigma Design, eZmeeting

Led by architect Charlie White, Sigma Design specializes in collaboration software.