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Over the years we’ve heard and observed how other PR firms work. At Jane Rohman & Associates, we go about things a little differently to get you the results you expect and deserve. Here’s how:

They handle lots of projects all at once.

We limit the number of clients we handle at any one time so we deliver personalized attention and media results.

They write “one size fits all” releases. Yes, the same release for thousands of outlets!

We customize. Indeed, over the course of a campaign we will develop multiple releases customized to various mindsets and media outlets.

They write releases that are boring or filled with jargon and hype.

We write releases that are so well composed that it isn’t unusual for a news outlet to run them word for word.

They work in a vacuum and only consider the specific news initiative at hand.

We always look at the big picture and how it fits into your business as well as personal goals.

They rely on out of date media lists.

We update our media lists weekly.

They give you big fancy, multiple-page PR plans.

We keep it to a no more than a page and a half.

They spend a fortune on press kits and gimmicks, then blind send them to hundreds of outlets and sit back while “waiting to hear.”

We first contact the outlet with a short, well-crafted pitch to gauge interest. People are far more likely to take notice of your package when they know it’s coming. No use in spending thousands of dollars for something that gets tossed in a corner or the trash. And we always follow-up.

They rely heavily on paid wire services to get your message out.

We don’t. Why? In our experience, these expensive services simply don’t deliver enough bang for the buck. We will consider them only for certain types of news.

They take forever to ramp up the effort, sometimes spending the entire first two months doing elaborate planning.

We are fast out of the gate.

They assign junior people to run your account.

We guarantee the personalized attention of our principals on every account. We stay intentionally small so we can deliver big results.

They hide behind voicemail.

We actually answer our phones!