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Over the years we’ve expanded our services to meet the growing needs of our clients. While our core business remains getting you great media attention, we also offer customized social media campaignsliterary and multimedia production services.

Customized PR Campaigns

We design and implement national PR campaigns that are targeted to meet your goals and represent your story to all appropriate and agreed upon print and broadcast media, from verticals up to nationals and including online media. When promoting the launch of a book, we collaborate with the publisher’s PR department. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Providing marketing communications counsel across the board
  • Developing key PR messages and positioning
  • Creating background materials as needed
  • Building media lists and contacting/pitching all media
  • Pitching journalists opportunistically as media leads arise
  • Creating and maintaining a database of media contacts
  • Screening customers for use in press releases and as press references
  • Scheduling all media interviews and logistics
  • Tying media support to events in the client’s area and other pre-determined cities
  • Prepping individuals for media interviews
  • Coordinating with client’s social media point person to leverage any media placements or content (we also provide full-up customized social media campaigns)
  • Providing press releases and synopsis of media coverage for company website
  • Arranging for copies or reprints of coverage
  • Placing any releases over wire services (additional cost)

Our experience has shown us that successful campaigns require clients to bring a high level of commitment to the process of securing press. This means:

  • Lengthy discussions and fact-finding mission upfront about their background, business, and goals
  • Free-flowing access to the CEO/author and/or key officials who will speak on behalf of the company

Customized Social Media Campaigns

Social media management is vital for your image online. Jane Rohman & Associates will make sure that your organization/project is properly represented across the top social media platforms.

Our social media offerings include: 

  • Social media strategy
    Together we will create a well-defined social media strategy that will keep your campaign on-track to achieve your goals via  targeted social media technologies.
  • Content creation (editorial copy, video & audio sharing)
    Our multimedia team will create content that will have the best chance to engage your selected audiences.
  • Campaign development & execution (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)
    We will build a social media campaign across select platforms designed to meet your organizational objectives.
  • Social promotions and contests
    As part of a comprehensive social media strategy, promotions and contests can be a great way to build and engage an audience. We will design a promotional strategy targeted to the type of consumer  that’s appropriate for your specific campaign.
  • Blogger Relations
    Targeting bloggers is a great way to get your message or content directly to a defined and engaged audience. Jane Rohman & Associates has worked with bloggers for many years with great success via our targeted blogger tours.
  • Social analytics
    What impact is your social media campaign having? Who have you reached? What are they saying? We can custom tailor a social analytics report that will give you deep insights about your social media campaign.

Literary Services

A number of our clients use our literary services to help them publish books as part of their overall business-building and branding efforts. Whether an outgrowth of our PR work together or a new relationship formed exclusively to focus on the book project, we begin with extensive strategy discussions that key in on the immediate and long-term objectives. After learning more about the concept and flushing out ideas that will make the book unique in the marketplace, we conduct a competitive analysis. We then write a book proposal for presentation to a top agent/publishing house, strategically editing and/or writing the sample chapters and advising throughout the process—from introductions to agents and securing legal counsel to evaluating publishing offers. Additionally, once the book is accepted for publication, we provide ghostwriting, editing, and project management services on an as-needed basis.

Multimedia Production Services

Award-winning director and producer John Bianco heads the multimedia arm of Jane Rohman & Associates, providing clients with a full array of end-to-end and à la carte production services from developing and producing promotional videos in a variety of formats to integrating exciting visual elements into multimedia presentations and online/social media content.

JRA’s multimedia services have expanded rapidly thanks to John’s technical expertise and previous broadcast news background.


We bring quality and style from 20 years of major network broadcast experience to your productions for promotional, corporate brand-building, and training purposes, including pre-production, shooting, post production, editing, and delivering a finished product in the format of your choice. We have a full AVID editing suite on premise and are available to shoot either on location or in-house.

Pre-Production (concept to scripting)

Shooting (on location or at our in-house studio)

  • Location (one location and one set up to multiple locations and multiple set ups)
  • One camera interview with full lighting, teleprompter, static camera
  • One or multiple camera shooting during a presentation with any size audience
  • In-house studio
    Full lighting, teleprompter, backdrops, props


  • Digitizing and converting your video for multiple uses
  • Video Editing from a simple cut or dissolves only multiple scene pieces to a high end, state-of-the-art pieces with multiple audio and video effects
  • Editing done with our fully equipped Avid production suite

Keynote/Workshop Multimedia Support Services

  • Provide video, graphics, and/or audio integration for your presentations
  • Coordinate the use of multimedia elements with the sponsors of the event
  • Assemble multimedia (existing material and/or newly created material) on formats compatible with the event site playback facilities
  • Coordinate location support (i.e. person to playback multimedia elements)
  • Deliver on-location services including shooting the event for later use and directing the integration of multimedia elements into the presentation